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So this is where it starts – with me. Caroline Jane Wild (b. 1964). They say with tracing your Family Tree that you start with yourself and just work backwards through what you know, gathering documentation along the way to verify whatever you can. I have been collecting documents – Births, Deaths & Marriages – in a very haphazard way for nearly 20 years. Following the death of my mother in 2012, I decided that I really needed to “get my act together” and document as much as I could. The ever-evolving internet has made the task very much easier than it would have been, even 20 years ago when I started collecting. So armed with a few certificates and the odd handwritten note and some photos, I decided to get serious about it. This blog is an attempt to explain what I have done, and what I have learned. I think my own mother would be amazed at the things I’ve found. It’s such a pity she’s not here to see it. I’m not expecting that anyone will ever read this – but if you do, please excuse the fact that it will probably be written like a diary – a bit  like I’m talking to myself. I think I will blog this one family at a time. So let’s start with Mum – and the O’Keeffes.


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Tracing my Family Tree from England, Ireland & Scotland - through Convicts and Free Settlers - to Australia. Finding how all of my Ancestors made their way to the "Lucky Country"

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